I have known Bob McColl for 25 years as a business associate and family friend. I canít think of anyone better suited for councilor for Ward 3.

Over the years I have noted a number of skills that Bob possesses which would make him an excellent choice for councilor. You can be confident that having Bob represent you, will mean a better future for you and your family. I strongly encourage you to support Bob by voting for him in the upcoming election.

Here are some of those skills:

  1. Bob looks for input
  2. A number of years ago I asked Bob to help produce an information sheet for my customers. On his own initiative Bob contacted a number of industry experts to gain a better understanding of the issues. The finished document turned out to be much better than my original draft.

    Bob has a long track record of proactively seeking input to resolve complex business issues and is now putting this skill to good use by seeking input from Ward 3 constituents and other experts to resolve difficult community issues. Bob has always recognized the value of collecting information, a skill that is sure to benefit Business and Residents of Ward 3.

  3. Bob pays attention to details
  4. As long as I have known Bob, he has always been a very detail oriented person from meticulously restoring vintage automobiles to perfection, to producing faultless business solutions for my customers. You can be certain that when it comes to details about community issues, Bob will know more about them than anyone else.

  5. Bob is a strategic thinker
  6. Bob is one of the few people I know that has the capacity to analyze vast amounts of information and formulate practical solutions in an effort to satisfy all stakeholders. In addition, Bob takes the time to determine the impact a solution may have beyond the local issue.

  7. Love of Family

You can tell a lot about how someone works with people by the way they interact with their own family.

Bob and Cheryl have two of the most wonderful, happy and polite children I have ever seen. In todayís complex and often difficult world, having children like this doesnít happen by accident. Bob is a kind dedicated involved parent and, a very encouraging and supportive person. I have seen Bob carefully and thoughtfully encouraging his children to develop their artistic talents. The result is they are full of confidence and self esteem.

There is no doubt that Bobís pervasive personality will provide the people of Ward 3 with a comfort level that they may not expect of someone in politics. If you have something that you would like to discuss, call Bob and you will see what I mean.

Tom Schell
Resident of Waterloo


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Vern Martin

Yvonne Fernandes