Why McColl?

  • Believes that "Actions Speak Louder Than Words".
  • Proven ability to work as a team player to get things done.
  • Over eleven years of proven expertise in dealing with Neighbourhoods, City Staff and Council. 
  • Team player in the development of the City's Air Quality Report.
  • Member of numerous City Boards and Committees. 
  • Has appeared as a delegation to Council 35 times, on behalf of residents.
  • Has attended over 250 Council and Committee of Council meetings. 
    Established relationship with senior members of City Staff. 
  • Well versed on issues of Finance, Planning, Community Service and By-Laws.
  • Active in a number of Neighbourhood Associations in Ward 3.
  • Believes that being a Councillor is a full time position. 



  1. Make sure your tax dollars are spent prudently.
  2. Be available "full time" to all Ward 3 residents in order to assist in finding solutions to neighbourhood issues.
  3. Encourage the City and Region to adopt ISO14001 standards for their operations.
  4. Investigate as to whether there are financial or procedural efficiencies that could be obtained in a combined Fire Department or combined Library services.
  5. Support an open and honest dialogue on Municipal reform.