Today's Testimonial

Message to Ward 3 voters about Bob McColl

Since meeting Bob at the Environmental Committee a few years ago I have come to know and respect him.  He has been a committed member and chair, offering many insightful suggestions, challenging questions and knowledge gained from his frequent attendance at City Council, Development and Technical Services Committee, and a number of other committees associated with the running of the city. 

Bob has included in his participation with the Environmental Committee the additional contribution to the Air Quality Committee, which resulted in the Air Quality Report presented to Council in May 2006.

Bobís dedication to making a difference is proven again and again. He is a spokesperson for the Pine Grove Community Association and has stepped into the coordinator position with the Doon Neighbourhood Mobilization Association, assisting this group in tackling its many concerns.

I believe that Bob will be an honest, approachable and a positive representative for Ward 3.  When Bob tells you that he will look into an issue and get back to you, he does just that.  He believes that the position of City Councillor should be a full time job and despite the fact that he is not presently on council, he has already committed hundreds of hours to the job.

I am pleased to endorse Bob McColl and feel strongly that he would be a strong voice at City Council!

Yvonne Fernandes



George Klemetsch

Bob McNichol

Vern Martin

Tom Schell

Yvonne Fernandes

Kurt Schneider