Community Involvement

Pine Grove Community Association - Executive Committee (1997-2010):

  • Research into Kitchener Official Plan, Zoning Requirements, Bylaw Enforcement, Commercial Site Plan Development as well as Lighting and Noise Regulations.
  • Plan and conduct numerous meetings with the City Planners and Community Associations as well as making Presentations and Motions to City Council.
  • Team member in the design and implementation of the City's new Public Participation Policy. 
  • Preparation and presentations to preserve the existing zoning and bylaws in Pine Grove and Grand Hill Village.
  • Preparation of presentations to Kitchener's Committee of Adjustment. 
  • Research into MOE pollution regulations, conduct meetings and phone conversations with MOE enforcement officers. 
  • Meeting with Regional Staff re: traffic and corridor planning.

City of Kitchener Environment Committee - (2005 2010) Chair 2009-2010

City of Kitchener Property Standards Committee - (2005 2008) Vice Chair 2007-2008

City of Kitchener Committee of Adjustment - (2006-2010)

Kitchener Market Vendors Association - Chair2008

Kitchener Growth Management Taskforce (2007-2008)

Doon Pioneer Neighbourhood Mobilization Alliance  - Co-Coordinator -(Dec. 2005 2006)

City of Kitchener Community Capital Investment Team (CCIT) - (2004)

Over the last five years I have attended over 250 Council and Committees of Council meetings. I have appeared as a delegation over 35 times. This does not include Advisory Committees such as: Environment; Property Standards; Adjustment; Centre Block; Library; CCIT; Site Plan Review Committee; Neighbourhood or private meetings with City/Region Staff. If you include the above, the number is probably over 500.  If you include phone calls and emails regarding City/Neighbourhood issues the number is well into the thousands.