Today's Testimonial

Message to Ward 3 voters about Bob McColl

Dear Bob,

How wonderful to see that you are running for a position on Kitchener Council!

Given the many and varied problems we now face, we need people on council with your abilities.

The fact that you are tenacious is good since you twin that strength with an ability and a desire to talk with people and to seek “win-win” solutions when problem solving.

Your built-in ability to listen carefully and really hear what another person is saying will make you a perfect councillor since you will be a voice for those living in your ward rather than a “father-knows-best” councillor!

You remind me so much of our former councillor Jim Ziegler—a near perfect, much-loved councilor who really cared about the people in his ward. I know that you will be the same. I only wish that you were running in my ward—you would definitely have my vote.


Mary Linington




George Klemetsch

Bob McNichol

Vern Martin

Tom Schell

Yvonne Fernandes

Kurt Schneider