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This video is from the "I Believe In Kitchener" event -2006 Election (17MB)



The videos below are republished with permission from Rogers TV, Cable 20 www.rogerstv.com 

Volunteer Award June 28, 2010 (1MB)

Ward Boundaries Oct 6, 2008 (30MB)

Sportsworld Rezoning Sept 25, 2006 (13MB)

Leather By Mann Sept 25. 2006 (7MB)


Centre Block Mar 20, 2006 (13 MB)

CCIT Feb 23, 2004 (16MB)

Freeport Esker Sept 29,2003 (15MB)

Volunteer Award Sept 29, 2003 (1MB)

Sign By Law Feb 1, 1999 (8 MB)