Dear Bob,

With respect to the announcement that you are running for the vacant seat on City of Kitchener Council, I couldn't be more pleased. Not only will you have my vote, I feel strongly enough about your candidacy that you have my commitment to support "The Committee to Elect Bob McColl" in any way that is required.

During the past six years, you have served the Pinegrove Neighbourhood Association through the executive committee in an exemplary and noteworthy manner. As vice-president of the association, I have greatly appreciated your participation (and in many cases taking the lead to Council, city staff and others) in dealing with individual and community based concerns in a timely and efficient manner.  On the many occasions that required executive committee involvement, the overall scope of the issues was initially unclear but you have consistently proved to have the ability to quickly cut through the unimportant aspects to get to and grasp the heart of the matter.

The accomplishments during the past six years are too numerous to mention, but one general group of issues does stand out from the others and is worthy of mention. These are the many difficult concerns that were satisfactorily resolved that are associated with new commercial property being developed next to an existing established neighbourhood i.e. noise, lighting, signage, traffic planning, public participation in granting site plan approval, hours of operation and environmental concerns to name a few. As a business person, I have especially appreciated the underlying philosophy that is characteristic of your approach of NOT standing in the way of development but instead focussing your efforts on insuring compatibility with pre-existing communities. I am sure that this cooperative spirit and the ability to look at the big picture will stand you in good stead at Council. 

I wish you all the best in your run for the position of Councillor.

Your truly,

Vern Martin
Vice-President of the Pinegrove Neighbourhood Association


George Klemetsch

Bob McNichol

Vern Martin

Tom Schell

Yvonne Fernandes